New Albanian government ready to take office

New Albanian government ready to take office

The new Albanian government, which came out of the 25 June 2017 parliamentary elections, will swear in today in a special ceremony in front of the President of the Republic, while it was voted in Parliament in yesterday’s plenary session in Parliament.

During this session, which lasted more than 20 hours, the Parliament has voted the new governing cabinet with Edi Rama as Prime Minister and the program which was presented by him for the next four years.

After taking its oath in front of the President of Republic, Ilir Meta, the government will hold its new official government.

List of the new cabinet

Prime Minister:

Edi Rama

Deputy Prime Minister:

Senida Mesi

Minister of State for the Diaspora:

Pandeli Majko

Minister of State for Enterprise:

Sonila Qato

Foreign Minister:

Ditmir Bushati

Interior Minister:

Fatmir Xhafaj

Defence Minister:

Olta Xhacka

Justice Minister:

Etilda Gjonaj

Minister of Culture:

Mirela Kumbaro

Minister of Finance, Economy and Labor:

Arben Ahmetaj

Minister of Education and Youth:

Lindita Nikolla

Minister of Health and Social Care:

Ogerta Manastirliu