Negotiations will continue on the basis of what was achieved in Crans Montana, says the Cypriot Government Spokseman

Negotiations will continue on the basis of what was achieved in Crans Montana, says the Cypriot Government Spokseman

The UN Secretary General’s draft report refutes those who were concerned that the negotiations have been buried, the Government Spokesman, Prodromos Prodromou, said on Sunday.

Speaking to journalists, on the sidelines of the national memorial to the Heroes of Spilion-Kurdalon communities, the spokesman was asked to comment on the draft UN Secretary-General’s report on Cyprus, saying that “with the draft report of the SG, firstly, those who worried that the negotiations have been buried are being refuted. There is interest, and based on our approach and the desire to negotiate, we expect the negotiations to resume.

The second is that there is confirmation of President Anastasiades’ approach that there is a need to have a preparation process.

The preparation, which the SG Secretary himself announces with his own envoy to trace the ground, shows precisely that this is not a prerequisite, but a necessary stage in order to arrive with legitimate expectations to the negotiation.

The third is that the Guterres framework – which we are discussing for one main reason, which is that besides the fact that it sets a specific agenda in which negotiations should disciplined and from which the Turkish side must not deviate – additionally, for the first time in the history of the Cyprus problem, puts the issue of security at the center of a solution agreement, that is, the abolition of guarantees and the withdrawal of the army. I do not believe anyone disagrees with that”.

Therefore, according to Prodromou, negotiations will continue on the basis, of what President Anastasiades has accomplished with Greece in Crans Montaña, which means that Turkey must be willing to take the decision to allow an agreement between the Cypriots without demanding interference in Cypriot things.

Invited to comment on criticism of AKEL and other opposition parties regarding the report of the Secretary General and the Guterres framework, the spokesman said that “the Government can accept the shots of internal politics. The point is that, in the major issue that is the confrontation with the Turkish occupation, Cyprus emerges as a winner.

The issue is to make a deal that will address the heart of the problem, which is the invasion, occupation and involvement of Turkey. In this direction, we will have to join forces”.

Invited to comment on party reports that the Gutteres framework is what is attributed on June 30, the spokesman said that “the framework has been set by the SG, the negotiation is under the auspices of the SG. The fact that last year at Crans Montaña in June and July, there was a discussion, at last, about the abolition of Turkish guarantees is something we want to keep. The rest are discussions that can be made.

The issue is the objective, which the President of the Republic negotiates with a methodology, wisely, knowingly, using all the international support we can win – which in the years of Anastasiades’ rule is growing – to achieve the desired goal”./IBNA