Negotiations with Troika reach dead end

Negotiations with Troika reach dead end


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

The Troika insists on its refusal to return to Athens, since it rejects the new positions presented as “final” by the government. No date for the return of the auditors has been set and the Troika sends the ball to the government once again for new concessions.

In this climate, the Finance Ministry has not yet issued the newsletter for the 100 installments, but goes forward with the submission of the new budget without the approval of the auditors.

In the 4-hour teleconference yesterday evening, between Greek negotiating team and the heads of the Troika, which ended at 3am on Friday, was reaffirmed the bad climate of the last few days.

“They continue to insist on the ‘alleged’ fiscal gap. This is now the biggest thorn. And we stick to our views; we are the ones who were right in the previous years and so were are tabling the budget”, said a government agent who participated in the meeting under Gikas Hardouvelis.

The same source said that the negotiation continues and no return date has been set yet. The Troika seems unyielding  but the biggest “thorn” is the financial gap in 2015, as the Troika has only slightly deviated from its position that it is between EUR 2.6 billion and EUR 3.6 billion. As for scenarios emanating from the eurozone for an extention of the existing program, reports indicate that there were discussed in the conference, but the government’s goal remains to complete the assessment before the Eurogroup on December 8.

In regard with the other fronts of the deal, the senior economic team said that “we agreed on many issues”.

However, information from Washington said yesterday that the IMF keeps a harsh and even hostile stance against the Greek positions, considering the changes that have been done so far to be unsatisfactory.