Nedic’s rehabilitation would be a “big shame” for Serbia

Nedic’s rehabilitation would be a “big shame” for Serbia

The rehabilitation of Milan Nedic, the head of the Serbian puppet government during the Nazi occupation, would be a “big shame” for Serbia and an attempt to revise history, said writer Filip David commenting the ongoing process in a Serbian court.

“I simply cannot believe that such thing can happen. However, if the rehabilitation of Nedic occurs, that would mark the final Serbia’s move on the side of the occupiers. The anti-fascist struggle would be completely marginalized; those who served occupiers and executed their orders would be in the forefront”, David told TV N1.

He put accent on German documents, including the reports of the commander of German military in Serbia and the interest of Berlin on how Nedic intended to tackle the “Jewish question”. “These reports were absolutely devastating for Milan Nedic. According to one of the first reports, he said that Belgrade and Serbia should be as soon as possible ‘cleansed’ from the Jews. He also said that as long as there is even one single Jew in Serbia there will be no peace because Serbs were emotionally and through families attached to the Jews”, David said.

He underlined that Nedic “was always on anti-Jewish positions”, recalling that special police loyal to Nazis, was under his control.

“There are so many documents and testimonies about the role of Milan Nedic during the occupation. The relative indifference of Serbian public when it comes to this attempt of rehabilitation surprises me”, David underscored.

He also recalled that Nedic was indicted after the liberation.

“There is absolutely no doubt what his role was during the occupation. Some cases of rehabilitated persons have shown that surprises are possible, but I still believe that there is still a sense of reason and that history cannot be changed and revised to such extent”, Filip David concluded.

After the Second World War was over, the Yugoslav communist authorities imprisoned Nedic. In 1946, they reported that he had committed suicide…. / IBNA