NATO called on fYROMacedonia to begin accession negotiations

NATO called on fYROMacedonia to begin accession negotiations

The leaders of the NATO member countries have decided, during today’s first day of the Summit, to invite fYROMacedonia to start accession negotiations with the North Atlantic Alliance.

The prerequisite for fYROMacedonia’s accession to NATO is the change of name of the country on the basis of the Prespa Agreement.

“We welcome the agreement between Athens and Skopje and we have agreed to call on the government of Skopje to start accession negotiations. Once all the internal processes have been successfully completed, in order for the agreement to be fully implemented, the country will become the 30th member of NATO under its new name, Northern Macedonia, “the General Secretary said. of the North Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg.

He underlined that without changing the name, the country can not join NATO. “It is the citizens of the country who have to decide. Such an opportunity is only presented once in life and whether they will support the agreement and the country will become a member of NATO, or they will not support it and the country will not join NATO. There is no way for the country to join NATO without changing its name,” noted Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO’s invitation allows Skopje to begin accession negotiations with the Alliance, which will be completed when the agreement between Greece and fYROMacedonia to resolve the issue of the name comes into force. When the whole process is completed, the country will be able to join NATO under the name of the Prespa agreement, i.e. Northern Macedonia.

fYROMacedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, right after NATO’s decision to invite the country to begin accession talks, spoke of a “historic day” and noted that his country has every reason to feel satisfied.

The steps to be taken now to enable fYROMacedonia to join NATO are as follows:

Adopt the agreement with Greece to resolve the issue of the name in the fYROMacedonian referendum, which is being planned for the end of September and early October.

– Amendments to the Constitution of the country be approved by the fYROMacedonian Parliament

– Let the Greek Parliament ratify the name agreement

– Get ratified by the parliaments of the 29 NATO member states the protocol of accession of fYROMacedonia to NATO

This whole process is expected to last at least a year. If it is successful, fYROMacedonia will become the 30th member of NATO…. / IBNA