The national strategy of Greece in three axes

The national strategy of Greece in three axes

Athens, March 7, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“Greece is struggling for Europe to return to the correct speech, the correct common sense”, stressed the Greek Prime Minister and president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras in his speech at a meeting of the CC of the party.

He noted that for the first time, Europe and the Western world realise that certain options, such as military operations, no longer have an effect only in the states of the M. East, but affect the very heart of Europe. He said that Europe itself is being crushed between austerity and closed borders, adding that the policy followed by Europe will lead to dead ends.

Α. Tsipras stressed that the policy of closed borders for refugees is outside the scope of the Geneva Convention and emphasized that the with the position of Greece in the previous Summit, the country managed not to become isolated, but also to put an end to all talks on the Schengen.

The Prime Minister said that the talk of an exclusion from or the dissolution of the Schengen Treaty was aimed at disguising pre-taken decisions, adding that with our stance we “took the bread from the mouth” of the likes of EPP that wanted such a development, but also those like-minded inside the country who wanted to throw the blame on the Greek government (being) fully consistent with the media of corruption, which “give everything they’ve got in view of the evaluation”. “They will be refuted once again” the prime minister said.

The national strategy of Greece

The Prime Minister said that the national strategy of Greece, ahead of Monday’s summit is formed in three axes.


  1. a) solidarity to refugees,
  2. b) efforts to reduce refugee flows from Turkey and
  3. c) fair allocation of responsibilities and liabilities in the EU with concequencies for those who do not respect them.

These three main points consitute the minimal purcuits of the greek strategy on Monday’s summit of heads of state in Brussels, as was decided on the Council of political leaders under the President of the Republic.

“We will seek the resettlement of refugees”

On Monday Greece will seek the immediate initiation of the process for the resettlement of a large number of refugees, taking in mind that the border in Idomeni remain closed and refugee flows from Turkey are continuing, the prime minister clarified.

“The media of interweving wanted to overthrow us”

The prime minister and president of Syriza, who made several remarks on the “majority of SMEs of interweving”, said that “they aimed to overthrow this government in the summer referendum, they aimed to overthrow the government in the September elections, either with a defeat or collaboration in different coalitions”.

Now, A. Tsipras says, “they are aiming to create overthrow conditions in view of the evaluation, ignoring the risk of destabilisation, in order to avoid their financial obligations and to continue to control the economic and political life”.

He stressed that the government and SYRIZA will succeed, adding that “opposite to the war that the government is subjected by the interweving media”, it responds with “democratic dialogue and developing relations of trust with the citizens and society”.

Earlier, he said that the government is coming to the final negotiation firm in its position not to accept any cuts on current pensions.

The Council of political leaders

Referring to the situation in the wider region, A. Tsipras said that Greece due to its geographical position is at the heart of the refugee crisis, but at the same time, is experiencing intense way and the economic crisis, but at the same time, taking into account the security crisis and destabilisation in the region, is defending values ​​and fights for a return to common sense.

This claim needs a single national strategy, the Pm said said in the meeting of political leaders, noting that “we have achieved to formulate the minimum necessary national strategy on the basis of the government’s positions”.

At this point, the prime minister attacked ND, indicating that the main opposition ” while it accepted the single national strategy, it tried for its own purposes, outside the room, to distort facts and circumstances specific to the issue of temporary reception centers”.

The position of ND that the government refuses to create such centers is absolutely incorrect, having already been operating for five months now, A. Tsipras said, making it clear that these centers should under no circumstances be converted into jails for people without having committed any crime.

“So I understand the need of Mr. Mitsotakis to balance between his European profile and the pressures inside his party from his vice-president and other exponents of the far-right rhetoric”, the premier said, and added that his intraprty problem can not become the problem of the country.