Will the National Security Council meet on the topic of marijuana?

Will the National Security Council meet on the topic of marijuana?

The President has announced the decision of gathering the National Security Council. The Prime Minister said that he would boycott it and shows sarcasm. The Ministry of Interior also says “no” to the meeting. Avramopoulos, the figures of the USA and the comments of the opposition leader

Tirana, 3 November 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

In Albania, the cultivation of marijuana and its trafficking in and out of the country has now turned into a topic of the day and into the main card used by the opposition.

The international community too has expressed its concern on the traffic of drugs. At the same time, it has also praised the work of the government in fighting this phenomenon.

Nishani gathers NSC

The President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani has expressed his concern on the situation of the cultivation and traffic of cannabis in the country. He says that the situation has obliged him to gather the National Security Council as soon as possible. “Cannabis is deterring people from cultivation of agricultural produce. It is a serious phenomenon of a large scale”, Mr. Nishani says.

Rama says “no” to the meeting

Prime Minister Edi Rama has publicly announced his refusal about the President’s plan to gather the National Security Council in relation to the cultivation and trafficking of cannabis in the country. In a public stance, Mr. Rama announced that the government will not be part of this meeting, considering it as unnecessary.

A letter from Avramopoulos

A letter which has arrived from the European Commission for Home Affairs is being used as a card by the government to say that fight against narcotics is being successful. This letter was a delayed answer to a request made by the Albanian government for support of the Albanian authorities in the fight against drugs.

With a sarcastic tone against the meeting called by the President, Mr. Rama says that this letter is “our contribution for the meeting”.

Meanwhile, the minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri considers Mr. Avramopoulos letter as an encouraging response “for what we have done until today against drugs and for what we will do in the future along with the partners”.

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Tahiri warned that like Rama, he too boycotts the NSC. He said that “we’re determined to do our best, in spite of the numerous obstacles from those who were governing up until yesterday and who, today, left us with so many problems”.

Mr. Avramopoulos letter and Rama and Tahiri’s comments have also sparked the reaction of the leader of the opposition.

Lulzim Basha considered the request of the government for support by the EU in the fight against drugs as a paradox.

“Being the head of the drug operation, up until yesterday the prime minister pretended he didn’t see the fact that world media baptized the country as “Cannabistan”. Now that the EU has raised the alarm for the threat that drugs are posing on the security and after crops have been collected, he pretends he seeks help”, Basha says.

In his letter, Mr. Avramopoulos says among others, that Albanian authorities will continue to be supported in the fight against drugs.

A message of unification against this phenomenon

The US ambassador says that the Albanian government must do more on the fight against drugs, while admitting that production of cannabis has grown this year. He adds that the US agency DEA is collaborating with Albanian authorities to arrest what he called as “big fishes” of the traffic of heroin and cocaine in the country.


Donald Lu said that the Albanian government must do more.

He also has a clear message for all sides in Albania: “In my career, I have lived in many countries, where an entire generation has been sacrificed as a result of the terrible expansion of illicit narcotics. For all of those who are critical to the problem of drugs, my request is: stop arguing and try to find a way to identify the serious problems that Albania has and to work together in fighting them”. /balkaneu.com/