N. Greece “poorer” as two major papers close

N. Greece “poorer” as two major papers close

Two major newspapers of Greece’s North, “Makedonia” and “Thessaloniki” will cease to be part of the country’s press.

Staffers of both papers, now officially unemployed, begin a work retention as the employers owed them the wages of the past fifteen (15months) that they announced are unable to pay to them.

All sixty-five (65) employees, journalists, administrative staff and technical staff announced their decision at the end of this week.

According to employers, the kitty dried up. There is nothing left, not even for the maintenance of the printing house, they noted.

Newspaper “Makedonia” was first published in 1911 by Konstantinos Vellidis and was a daily paper distributed in twenty-two (22) prefectures in Northern Greece and Thessaly and across the country every Sunday. It was the oldest political paper in the North. “Thessaloniki” newspaper was a weekly one…/IBNA