Mutual support for Serbia and Iraq

Mutual support for Serbia and Iraq
Serbian Foreign Affairs minister, Ivica Dacic spoke succinctly, on Wednesday, while sharing with reporters back home the gist of his two-day visit to Iraq. Serbia and Iraq support each other, he told the press. "I am really grateful to Iraq for constantly supporting us in international fora and constantly voting in a way that is in Serbia's interest."

As for Serbia, the country's FM said "we support the territorial integrity and unity of Iraq and, at the same time, Iraq does not recognise the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, which means that it supports the territorial integrity of Serbia", reports Tanjug.

Dacic spoke of a friendship between the two states, which Serbia always wishes to demonstrate and underlined that his country has the obligation to "... respect and cherish" the aforementioned friendship and also "support Iraq in international fora.".../IBNA




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