“Museum night 2016” in BiH

“Museum night 2016” in BiH

Sarajevo, May 20, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

International Council of Museums BiH (ICOM BiH) and museums in the whole of BiH will mark the International Day and European night of museums with a large number of cultural manifestations and concerts.

In Sarajevo, for the first time, all museum institutions will organize the program together under supervision of Canton Ministry of culture.

“Twenty one museum will participate in this manifestation and free transport from museum to museum is provided for all visitors. Entrance in all museums which participate in the marking of this day is free for all exhibitions and all museums will remain opened until midnight, announced the organizer of this manifestation in Sarajevo.

Museums in Banja Luka will also organize several manifestations and the program in RS Museum of contemporary arts will be supported by EU Special Representative in BiH, Lars Gunnar Wigemark.

“This is the Europe-wide annual celebration of culture and the arts. We are glad to see the Banja Luka Museum on the map of thousands of cultural institutions across the continent that will open their doors this weekend, and offer a unique experience to visitors”, Wigemark said.

He added that museums are key to preserving the cultural heritage and traditions, which will be inherited by future generations. This, as he said,  reaffirms what the EU stands for – promotion of cultural diversity, including the rich variety of languages, arts and heritage of Europe.

Director of RS Museum of contemporary art, Sarita Vujkovic, said that museum staff is very proud that the EU Special Representative has recognised the importance and the quality of this institution and the importance of an international festivity that is the European Museum Night.

“For 11 years now, we have through our work contributed to promotion of the main EU values in the cultural sector – diversity and richness of culture and heritage in the European context. The RS Contemporary Art Museum is the first institution in BiH that had joined thousands of European museums in marking the European Museum Night. Featuring special programmes, the event is traditionally the most visited and popular. We are glad this has been recognised by the EU Special Representative, which gives us an impetus to strengthen our role in the local cultural environment”, emphasized Vujkovic.

EU Delegation announced that the EU continues to make significant investments in the preservation of the cultural heritage in BiH. From IPA 2009 and 2010 alone, the EU has invested 30 million BAM (15 million Euro) in the preservation of the cultural heritage in BIH: 18 million BAM (9 million Euro) was secured for the reconstruction of the City Hall/Vijecnica in Sarajevo, which is a part of the larger EU support to the cultural heritage in BiH. This support also included the reconstruction of the City Hall in Novi Grad in the amount of two million BAM (one million Euro) which was completed in May 2013. The EU also financed the reconstruction of cultural heritage sites in Stolac in the amount of three million BAM (1,5 million Euro), which was completed in September 2013, and the reconstruction of the Kastel Fortress in Banja Luka in the amount of seven million BAM (3,5 million Euro).

The event takes place on the closest Saturday to May 18, simultaneously in many countries across Europe. This year it is May 21, the night when RS Museum of contemporary art will organize a big techno concert in front of the building. In the Museum, visitors still can enjoy the Damien Hirst exhibition and several other, smaller exhibitions.