How can I help you Mrs. President?

How can I help you Mrs. President?

By Seremb Gjergji

Mrs. President, even the Constitution doesn’t allow you to declare new elections. The only way out is to gather all political parties in a round table.

“Madame la Presidente; comment puis-je vous aider”?  But please, do not shrug, because you truly need my help and the help of each citizen of Kosovo who is able to offer it.

I pray to all of those citizens who have an influence on our leaders, to show tolerance and engage in a dialogue. “Albanians must not ‘eat’ one another”?!

Mrs. Jahjaga, you know that the interests of Kosovo are bigger than the interests of political parties. Your acts must not allow our parties to take the country toward isolation with the Democratic and Western world. Only our enemies want this. The blockade comes as a result of the close interests of several of our political leaders.  I’m repeating it again after two weeks that the solution of the crisis comes at the moment when everyone gathers in the round table.

How did we come to this point?

“We are your friends and your allies”, said secretary Hillary Clinton in the parliament of Kosovo a while ago. America and England will develop our Army and the Intelligence of our state. Over 1 billion Euros will be invested in these five years.

Chancellor Angela Merkel especially approached the two Albanian prime ministers. Prime minister Rama even chaired the meeting of the Balkan prime ministers in the Berlin Conference. Germany pledged that it would build Kosovo’s Railway linking Durres to Pristina and then to Vienna. It pledged to developed the energy highway from Kosovo, Albania and to the Balkan. There are over 2 billion Euros which will be spent on Kosovo for five years.

Pope Francis also blessed Albanians in Tirana. “Albanians, you Noble and Generous nation”. These were the words that sealed the fate of the success of the Albanian Nation. In the next 100 years, the Albanian people will lead the Balkan, if it knows how.

So, the Albanian nation living in six Balkan states, was made Noble and this is the biggest praise in the World that can be made to a Nation.

But, it seems that countries which are  not friendly to the Albanian nation, have invested a lot to see us divided and work against the interests of our people and nation.

The solution, the model of overcoming the deadlock

Mrs. President, currently there’s only one option to solve the deadlock.

PDK to elect the speaker of parliament, the opposition to form the government. The post of the prime minister to be divided between Isa Mustafa and Ramush Haradinaj. The first one for 16 months until the president’s mandate ends. Then, Mr. Mustafa to be voted president and Mr. Haradinaj to lead the government until the end of the term. Mr. Mustafa and Mr. Haradinaj can easily swap places. The agreement between them shows that national interest is above the personal interest.

It’s painful for me as an independent presidential candidate, but the interest of the country is more important for me. But, with this act, our leaders do not lose, but win, in saving the country and saving their personal interest. This is also the only solution before the discharge of Mr. Mustafa and the failure of the entire opposition coalition.

With great power comes great responsibility. No leader must forget this.

*Sent by the author, a publicist and a presidential candidate in Kosovo

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line