Mr. President, find me a job, please

Mr. President, find me a job, please


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

The Cabinet of the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has received more than 4,512 citizens’ pleas since the May of 2012. In these pleas citizens were both commenting daily politics as well as complaining about their own problems, the Press Center of the President revealed to Belgrade “Danas” Daily. The most common questions were related to employment, the Press Center stated. A year ago Tomislav Nikolic won Serbian presidential elections.

The Press Center of the Serbian President said that the citizens were sending their pleas via the postal service, by e-mail, or by fax. Malcontents were also coming at the General secretariat of the President, the Press Center stressed. After the pleas had been submitted, the officials from the Cabinet of the President were deciding about the further procedure.

Approximately 1,200 pleas were related both to the services of the local authorities in Serbian municipalities as well as of the Central Government. President also received numerous pleas from job seekers and complaints about privatizations. Many citizens asked President to help them resolve their housing problems.

In relation to social insurance, requests for financial aid and the insurance of the disabled, 1,206 issues had been processed. There are a lot of questions which concern legal issues, for example, the delay and prolongation of trial procedures and the appeals related to the work of courts, 789 of which being processed.

According to the Cabinet of the President, “Total of 475 appeals concerns state owned companies, including Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), Public Utility Companies (PUC) for waterworks and sewerage and heating, and Telekom. Total of 847 appeals are not specified, but general, and they include anonymous complaints, which are imprecise and without senders’ address,   as well as suggestions, opinions and citizens’ initiatives”.

As they point out, the main problem is that the majority of Serbian citizens does not actually know which are the exact responsibilities of the president. Therefore, it is “in concordance with the Serbian Constitution and Serbian laws that the President cannot meet all of the citizens’ pleas and directly recruit them for some employment.”

According to the Cabinet, the President expresses the unity of the Serbian state and represents it both in Serbia and abroad, and by doing this, with the  help of his contacts, personality and position, he can allure investitures, in order to provide new jobs, what has been his goal since the very beginning of his mandate.”

On Monday Nikolic said that he has been satisfied with his performance during the first 12 months of his presidency. However, Nikolic stressed that the final judgment was up to the citizens. “During the first 12 months I faced with the wall of the rejection and distrust. I was perceived both as a temporary solution and a people’s mistake”, he said alluding to his nationalistic past. However, Nikolic rendered that he was persistent, as well as his associates. “We did a lot. The people should judge whether something went wrong”, he said.