MPs warn that they will not vote new wage-pension cuts

MPs warn that they will not vote new wage-pension cuts


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Intense debate and concern prevails among the government MPs on the outcome of the Paris negotiations. In fact, regarding any requirements of the troika for further reductions in wages-pensions, they do not hesitate to say that something like this would not pass in the House.

Indicative is the reaction of the New Democracy MP K. Kontogeorgou, who said at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for the monitoring of the social pension system that:

“We are concerned about the state of the negotiations. The troika sets unspeakable things sometimes. But I see snickering from the opposition when this is done. When we are in trouble the opposition laughs and I don’t understand whether they are with the country or the Troika. No such package, be that insurance or reduction in pensions, will be passed by the House”, said the ND MP.

Assertive appeared and the PASOK MP G. Koutsoukos saying that “we will not agree to be wage and pension cuts”. “We have said this before and will show in the following period what we mean”, he said emphatically.