MPs leave Erdoğan

MPs leave Erdoğan


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

There is intense speculation in Erdoğan ‘s government since three MPs of the “Justice and Development” party (AKP) have resigned and became independent. MP and former Minister of Culture and Turism Ertugrul Gunai announced that he is resighning, while the resignations of Erdal Kalkanand and Haluk Özdalga had preceded.

Gunai accused Erdoğan that “he is trying to undermine the investigations against corruption , using illegal means”.

On Thursday night the governing party had announced that the three MPs mentioned above had been indicted to the party’s disciplinary committee demanding to be written off since they had accused the turkish Prime Minister for his interventions in the investigations.

In total, seven MPs of the ruling party have resigned since November 30 due to the “fight” between the government and the Islamic order of Fethullah Gülen and the corruption case.

On November 16 was the day that Idris Bal had resigned, on December 16 was the former football star Hakan Şükür’s turn, on December 25 Erdoğan Bayraktar resigned both as a Minister and an MP, and again on Decemeber 25 the former Minister of Interior İdris Naim Şahin also resigned.

Businessmen and Erdoğan’s son in the district attorney’s list

The district attorney Muammer Akkaş had denounced that the police refuses to go forward with the arrests that he asked by court order regarding the second wave of arrests, while he announced that the chief district attorney of Istanbul removed him from the case. Among the names that were in the district attorney’s list were many members of the AKP first of whom the Prime Minister’s son Bilal Erdoğan.

Erdoğan is trying to change the way district attorneys function and the supreme court told him “STOP”.

The turkish government tried, by using a special bill, to change the regulation of the function of the justice system by obligating the district attorneys to notify the governors of the cities, in which investigations were going to take place.

However, the supreme court decided to “freeze” this bill, a fact that prevents Erdoğan from further intervening with the work of justice. Already, from Thursday night, the supreme council of judges and district attorneys had announced that the changes the government is implementing were illegal.

The military standing by Erdoğan’s side

Without an obvious cause, the turkish armed forces issued a statement saying that they don’t want any part in the political developments. “The armed forces do not want to be in the middle of the political discussions. However, they are closely monitoring the developments regarding the judicial cases that concern their staff”.

An impressive fact, which shows that the military is standing by Erdoğan, is that the district attorney’s order for new arrests regarding the “second wave” of the corruption scandal had been given to the gendarmerie, whichis controlled by the armed forces. The order however was never executed.

A new “wave” of dismissals

After the appointment of Erdoğan’s close associate Efkan Ala as the Minister of Interior a new wave of changes is coming to the state official positions. Information says that 20 governors and 40 chiefs of police are about to be dismissed in an attempt to limit the leaks regarding the corruption of members of the  government.

What’s more, according to turkish newspapers, special interrogators “talked” with 800 members of national security regarding their political beliefs.

Gül ‘s part will be vital

Political analysts believe that the stance Abdulah Gül will keep in the following days will be critical. If he intervenes for the judges and reacts to Erdoğan’s interventions, the Turkish Prime Minister will find himself in a tough spot. That is why in these critical times the Turkish Prime Minister reaches out to him. Political analysts reckon it is possible that “political bargaining” takes place between Gül and  Erdoğan, regarding September’s Presidential elections. The Turkish president wishes to remain for another term.

Erdoğan’s relations with the Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc are not very good, since he was opposed to Erdoğan’s policy against Gülen’s order and according to information in the Council of Ministers had warned him against unexpected developments.