MPs in Kosovo gather signatures to overthrow the government

MPs in Kosovo gather signatures to overthrow the government

Pristina, February 13, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) has started to gather signatures from MPs in order to call a non confidence vote for the government of Kosovo.

This incentive was confirmed by Donika Kada Bujupi, MP of this party.

Bujupi said that everything is under way and that talks are being held with the opposition, before the non confidence motion is officially delivered.

“Parliament’s work has come to a standstill and you can see that no decision, incentive or resolution is being passed. This is why we believe that early elections are the solution to this situation, by legitimizing a new government which will have the trust of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo”, added she.

On the other hand, LDK member of parliament, Arben Gashi declared that no invitation has been received so far in order to sign a non confidence motion.

The head of the parliamentary group of Self Determination, Visar Ymeri said that, “so far there’s nothing official and there’s no invitation to sign a motion. Everything we’ve heard, we’ve heard through the media”.

Meanwhile, the vice chairman of PDK, Arsim Bajrami said that the Democratic Party of Kosovo doesn’t have any comment about the possibility that AAK may launch an incentive to overthrow the government through a non confidence vote.

“I cannot make any comments without knowing if it’s been processed in parliament”, said Bajrami.

Meanwhile, the head of the parliamentary group of PDK, Adem Grabovci said that such incentives must not be supported. He also said that every incentive will be at the benefit of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, which according to him, will win another term in office. /ibna/