An MP betrays the opposition block, she accepts the mandate

An MP betrays the opposition block, she accepts the mandate

Skopje, May 28, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The first divisions have taken place within the  Macedonian opposition. One of the MPs, Roza Topuzovska Karovska from the Liberal Democratic Party (PRD) declared today that she doesn’t give up on her MP mandate and that she will stay in parliament.

She’s the first MP that objected the decision taken by the opposition not to recognize the elections and boycott parliament, in order to act as an opposition outside the institutions.

“I don’t see any clear strategies as to what will be achieved by giving up mandates and by fully boycotting parliament. I’m not convinced that action outside institutions would be an efficient solution in the fight for democracy with this regime. I believe that parliament is the place for those who were elected by the people, the place where the interests of the citizens are represented”, declared Topuzova Karevska.

So far she’s the only MP out of 34 MPs that the Macedonian opposition won in the early parliamentary elections of April 27. Topuzova Karevska said that she will remain a strong opposition MP, who will not collaborate with the party in government. /ibna/