Mostar meeting of political leaders canceled

Mostar meeting of political leaders canceled

The complexity of the crisis and poor relations between leaders of main political parties in BiH became visible on Wednesday when they refused to sit on the same table and discuss the possibilities to overcome the differences and speed up the reforms.

The meeting was initiated by BiH Presidency Chairman, Dragan Covic (photo), leader of the biggest Croatian party in BiH – Croatian Democratic Association (HDZ). Just a few days after he took over the duty of the Presidency Chairman, Covic decided to move the crisis from the “dead point” and to gather political leaders in Mostar. Although the intention was good, some of invited find that a meeting will not be beneficial at this moment. One by one, politicians canceled their presence at the meeting. The only one who didn’t officially cancel the arrival is the leader of Alliance of independent social democrats, Milorad Dodik, who is also the president of RS. It is not something unexpected since Covic and Dodik are good friends and hold meetings on a regular basis.

The first who canceled his attendance was the leader of Bosniak party Party of Democratic Action (SDA) and member of BiH Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic. He officially explained that it is necessary and only appropriate to organize a meeting in the BiH institutions, as soon as possible, in order to accelerate the implementation of the Reform Agenda and the process of BiH integration in European and Euro-Atlantic organizations. That meeting, as he explained in written statement delivered to media, should gather the presidents of all political parties that form a coalition at the state level or, in a wider format, the presidents of all Parliamentary political parties that signed the Declaration on BiH readiness to implement the Reform Agenda in 2015.

The SDA president, according to the statement, finds that it is “inappropriate to talk in an atmosphere in which some of the announced participants in the meeting are permanently acting in every way to demolish the BiH Council of Ministers and other BiH institutions”. Although he didn’t mention who is that participant, the public knows that it is Izetbegovic’s common expression for Milorad Dodik. Their relation has reach a record low for the last decade and they blame each other for the crisis in BiH.

After this announcement, invited participants were waiting in the line to cancel their presence at the “unofficial lunch” in Mostar. Leaders of Party of Democratic Progress, Branislav Borenovic, and Serb Democratic Party, Vukota Govedarica, also canceled their attendance, explaining that they don’t want to meet political leaders which they consider responsible for the crisis in BiH and RS. Leader of the Party for the Better Future of BiH (SBB BiH), Fahrudin Radoncic also canceled, saying that he doesn’t want to be there without Izetbegovic, since the Bosniak position on the meeting could be weakened.

Former president of PDP RS, and BiH Presidency member, Mladen Ivanic, who was on the list of participants, said that he was ready to arrive in Mostar but that it is senseless to go there when the majority of leaders will not come. In a statement to the media, Ivanic said that this situation is something he warned on last year, when he said that the biggest problem in political relations in BiH is the mistrust between Bosniak and Croatian political leaders.

“I am afraid that the country, after the disaster of Mostar meeting, will fall in deeper crisis”, Ivanic has said./IBNA