Most PSD ministers sign resignations, except the PM – Grindeanu says Dragnea hasn’t directly asked for his resignation

Most PSD ministers sign resignations, except the PM – Grindeanu says Dragnea hasn’t directly asked for his resignation

The latest development in the Government crisis revealed that most of the Social Democrat ministers have signed their resignations, at the request of the party leadership. reported that PM Sorin Grindeanu has not filed his resignation, and neither have Communication minister Augustin Jianu and Culture minister Ionut Vulpescu. While Jianu told the media he would resign of PM Grindeanu asked him to, Vulpescu was not present at the meeting between the PSD ministers and the party leaders.

On the other hand, Digi24 reported that all PSD minister have signed their resignations, except PM Grindeanu.

At the same time, ALDE, the PSD’s ruling partner, also stripped PM Grindeanu of political support.

The evaluation of the PSD’s national executive body says that only 13% of the measures in the ruling programme have been achieved, while 60% haven’t been fulfilled. The head ministry is the Labour one, led by Olguta Vasilescu. On the other side, the SocDem leaders say that no action in the economy field haven’t been carried through.

Earlier in the day, PM Sorin Grindeanu dismissed information that PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea would have directly asked for his resignation, adding that other SocDem leaders would have called on him to step down. According to the premier, he expects some ministers of his Cabinet to quit.

“The Government doesn’t belong to the PSD National Executive Committee (CExN), but to Romania,” Grindeanu said on Wednesday before the CExN meeting. He also stated that he is not going to make PSD lose the ruling, but that ne would neither intend to quit the PM position.

Asked by the journalists of Liviu Dragnea has asked him to resign, PM Grindeanu answered “only veiledly”, but that other party leaders have asked for his resignation. Yet, he refused to give these leaders’ names.

On the other hand, the premier pointed out that he expects most of the ministers of his cabinet to resign, if asked.

Grindeanu underlined that he had achieved most part of the ruling programme and that he had prepared his own evaluation on the Government’s activity.

He promised to make statements after the CEx meeting comes to a decision. The meeting is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

PM Grindeanu has cancelled all official meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, but he will be attending the PSD meeting. The premier didn’t attend anymore the “Jump to Smart 1.0” public conference on Tuesday or the National Council meeting on Wednesday to prepare Romania’s taking over the EU Council Presidency.

According to Digi24, Sorin Grindeanu has been offered including the position of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) in exchange for his resignation.

Dragnea: 60% of the measures of the ruling programme, not achieved

In his turn, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea stated that he hadn’t asked anyone to resign, either Sorin Grindeanu or any minister, arguing on the other hand that one cannot continue as so far, considering the delays and inobservances of the measures in the ruling programme. According to him, 60% of the measures assumed by the ruling progamme have not been carried through.

He added that its the Executive Committee to decide if the Gov’t cand go on and Grindeanu can continue as premier and that the evaluation report would be made public.

Dragnea-Tariceanu relation-tensed?

On top of that, media reported that relations started being tensed inside the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition, namely between SocDem chairman Liviu Dragnea and ALDE chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

According to Antena 3, ALDE members are discontent with the fact that PSD hasn’t consulted them on the potential reshuffle or asked them about PM Grindeanu’s potential replacement.

Moreover, Tariceanu didn’t expect Dragnea to propose UDMR to join ruling, as it has been rumored. But ALDE’s greatest discontent is that their ministers might be forced to resign if the government is toppled down.

Row linked to president’s impeachment?

Former ALDE leader Daniel Constantin opined that the tensions generated by replacing PM Grindeanu might climax with suspending president Iohannis.

“If Dragnea makes the major error to sack Grindeanu, president Iohannis has all reasons not to appoint a PSD premier. What can PSD do in this situation? Will it accept lose ruling or will it force the president’s impeachment? Maybe this has been the stake of this scandal from the very beginning. Maybe they attempt total seizure of power! It wouldn’t be the first time,” Daniel Constantin posted on Facebook on Wednesday./IBNA