Most: Government is not transparent

Most: Government is not transparent

Skopje, December 5, 2013

Government of FYROM is ranked last amongst the governments in the region as far as transparency in its work is concerned, while on the other hand, it’s the first as far as the use of technologies of communication with the citizens is concerned.

This is indicated by the monitoring carried out on web pages of the governments and ministries in the framework of the regional project, part of which were also Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The government of FYROM’s webpages lack information on the budget, free access of information and participation of stakeholders in drafting policies.

“As far as government’s web pages are concerned, according to the results of the study, Montenegro is ranked first with 52.8%, while the government of Macedonia is on the 4th place with 36%. This evaluation comes as a result of the lack of data on the government’s web page about the budget, free access of information and participation of interested parties in drafting policies. Unfortunately, no indicator has been met in these fields”, said Darko Aleksov, director of ‘Most’ Association.

As far as ministries are concerned, they are ranked third in the region after Montenegro and Serbia, in spite of the results achieved in several monitored domains. In general, ministries have not published data from the domain of budgetary transparency, besides health system, which is the only one which has published its 2013 budget. Also, no ministries have published any lists or requests about free access to information or statistics about the number of requests that have been approved or refused. /ibna/