The monument that symbolizes the isolation of Kosovo from the EU

The monument that symbolizes the isolation of Kosovo from the EU

Pristina, 9 May 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

A new artistic installation has been inaugurated today in Pristina on the occasion of Europe’s Day. This installation is a symbol of the difficult path of the state of Kosovo in each process of the European Union.

Etrit Zeneli, the mastermind of this installation, said that the European Union has been built based on the joint values of the people and countries and Kosovo, he adds, cannot be the missing piece.

“This is a ‘Lego’ like piece, which can have hundreds of meanings, but today on 9 May, on Europe’s Day, it only has one meaning, it symbolizes Kosovo”, Zeneli says.

Ilir Deda MP, present in this activity says that Kosovo and other Balkan countries too, have been given way to the European perspective since the 2003 Thessaloniki summit.

“But, in contrast to other countries, Kosovo has moved on slowly in the process of European integration. If we want to be part of the European family, we must work more in meeting the criteria set out by Brussels”, said Deda.

On the other hand, minister of Integration, Bekim Collaku, declared that following the positive recommendation for the liberalization of visas, Europe’s Day is more meaningful.

“Our journey ahead is even more complicated. But now that we’ve found the path, we will follow it. We know that there is no shortcut to the European Union, but we will know how to find it and we will continue to make safe steps until we reach our final destination”, he said. /