Montenegro's Security at stake

Montenegro's Security at stake

Bomb explosions, attacks and assassinations have turned social security in Montenegro into a mess. Security officials in the country nowadays do admit that the situation is " worrying", especially after the car bomb that exploded late on Sunday in the northern Montenegrin town of Bijelo Polje, in front of the prominent journalist's Sead Sadikovic residence, who specialises in investigating corruption and organised crime case. For the moment, the actual target is unknown.

The criminal incident happened shortly after "a meeting of top security and judiciary officials who pledged to wage war on organized crime groups" as Balkan Insight reads, and has caused the public's ire.

The country's premier Dusko Markovic had never in the past accepted that things are "abnormal". However, the current events have led the Montenegrin National Security Council -during the meeting, supreme court judges and prosecutors participated- to appear worried about the "ongoing gang wars on the streets of the capital, Podgorica, and some other towns" like Bijelo Polje.

According to the National Security Council "security situation has worsened as a result of the growing conflicts of organized criminal groups.".... / IBNA

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