Montenegro in search of new logo and slogan

Montenegro in search of new logo and slogan

The Montenegro Ministry of Economy, on the occasion of the Independence Day, announces the Public Competition for the selection of the logo and slogan of the national brand of Montenegro with the aim of completing the state’s visual identity.

The public competition is of an international nature and both individuals and groups of authors share the right of participation. The best solution will be awarded with 10 000 euro.

“The national brand represents people’s perceptions about a particular country in different areas, such as tourism, exports, investments and immigration, government, culture and heritage, people living in the country. Consequently, the development and improvement of the national brand will positively affect the mentioned segments that are crucial for the economic growth and development of a single country. A strong national brand stimulates the flow of foreign direct investments, both into the strategic branches of the economy, such as: energy, tourism and agriculture, as well as to other branches of the economy,” said the Ministry in a statement.

The Ministry added that, in order to adequately position Montenegro in the world of the foreign public, and starting from the results obtained by researching the perceptions of the domestic and foreign public, conducted by the Ministry in cooperation with the Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade in 2018, through which the key areas are defined that the national brand of Montenegro (tourist destinations, events and manifestations, natural resources and attractions and cultural heritage, as well as sports, investment potentials and domestic products, that is domestic companies) are based, it was clear that it is necessary to create a new visual identity or logo.

According to the terms of competition, the visual identity of the national brand should unify the specifics of Montenegro and maintain them in a unique way, so that through a graphical solution and a synchronized and comprehensive message Montenegro could position itself on the international ground. The proposed solution should enable the overall positioning of Montenegro as a whole./ibna