Montenegro: The Bar – Bari shipping line to be restored

Montenegro: The Bar – Bari shipping line to be restored

Montenegro has decided to renew the Bar-Bari shipping line, which was abolished in 2016. The procurement of a “RO-RO” passenger ship that would travel from Bar to Bari is on the unique list of priority infrastructure projects in maritime transport. Thus, Montenegro would renew the shipping line, which is now maintained by the Croatian Jadrolinija, write Dnevne novine.

The shipping line with Italy started operating on June 18, 1965, and since then, except during the sanctions in the 1990s, it has been functioning regularly. However, four years ago, Montenegro was left without the ship Sveti Stefan II, which was deprived of its class by the classification house Biro Veritas. The line was taken over by Croatia, whose Jadrolinija transports passengers on the route Bar-Dubrovnik-Bari.

However, as stated in the Maritime Economy Development Strategy for the period from 2020 to 2030, Montenegro plans to procure a new passenger ship. The purchase should be realized in 2022.

“The strategy for the development of the maritime economy envisages support related to the procurement of a ‘RO-RO’ passenger ship for the purpose of performing international maritime traffic and unhindered regular transport of goods and passengers between Montenegro and other countries in the region from domestic ship owners. The subject activity is foreseen by the Action Plan and its dynamics implies the realization in 2022 “, it was explained in the strategy.

The strategy lists specific measures aimed at infrastructure, organization and operations. The first goal aimed at infrastructural development is the renewal of the permanent maritime line Bar-Bari-Bar and then the improvement of the connection of the Port of Bar.

“It is necessary to increase cargo flows, improve the competitiveness of the port and make a complete valorization of the port’s capacity. Then, improve the railway connections with the port of Bar and expand the piers in the port “, it is stated in the strategy. As they add, it is necessary to reconstruct the traffic infrastructure of maritime traffic, which would imply better use of the current traffic infrastructure.

“The development of the port area of the port of Bar will include an increase in transshipment of general cargo and containers by obtaining the status of a transshipment port, as well as expanding the capacity for transshipment and storage of dry bulk cargo on the northern slope of Volujica hill and increasing transhipment of liquid and bulk cargo”, the strategy explained./ibna