Montenegro: Tensions rise again in Budva

Montenegro: Tensions rise again in Budva

Members and councillors of the Democrats, headed by Mr Aleksa Bečić, have broken through the security cordon and entered the municipal building in Budva.

Although the acting president of the Municipal Assembly of Budva, Ms Snežana Kuč, scheduled for Thursday consultations with presidents of the clubs and the resumption of the dialogue relating to the current political situation, tensions in Budva do not seem to subside.

Ms Kuč and acting president of the municipality, Mr Vladimir Bulatović, arrived this morning at their office, provoking the ire of the Democrats, whose members soon afterwards broke through the cordon and entered the office of the president of the Municipal Assembly.

“Deputies of Democratic Montenegro have entered the building of the Municipality of Budva and will not leave it until the political crisis in that municipality is resolved,” said Democrat councillor Dragan Krapović after the meeting held at the Academy of Knowledge.

DPS MP Nikola Divanović and Nikola Jovanović from the DF also attended the meeting. Former President of the Municipality, Marko Carević, who was at his office, as well as the manager of the Municipality, Milo Božović, are also in the building.

The DPS said that during the meeting at the Academy of Knowledge, there was a violent entry into the municipal building, and it was also announced that the private security hired by Bulatović was thrown out of the building.

The Democrats said that they were brutally deceived and called on the deputies in the Parliament of Montenegro not to start a parliamentary session until this situation is resolved.

Krapović assessed that they sat at the table on a human level because on a political level it is not possible for “this team” to sit in the same room.

“We acted humanely for the sake of the citizens of Budva. We were most brutally deceived. Colleagues Divanović, Jelušić and Bulatović behaved like the lowest charlatans and deceivers. They are fraudsters and liars”, Krapović said.

He added that all eight deputies of the Democrats are in the office of the president of the Municipal Assembly of Budva and that they will not leave the municipal building until the situation is resolved.

“There is no chance that we will let this go, there is no chance that we will be trampled and humiliated. We do not intend to do anything bad to anyone. As I told you, the municipality is ours and will be ours or we will not have such a civilized end of this story”, Krapović said.

The political crisis in Krapović started last month, after the new majority in the local parliament decided to launch an initiative on the dismissal of the municipal management./ibna