Montenegro slows down the interests of political parties

Montenegro slows down the interests of political parties

By Adnan Prekić – Podgorica


Rather harsh assessment on account of the Montenegrin political parties and political elites came from the United States Embassy in Podgorica. American Ambassador Sue K. Brown, said that the narrow party interests of political parties in the country are slowing down the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. The American ambassador reiterated that the Montenegrin Government received from NATO partners specific tasks and that the reform of the security agencies is the most important thing for Montenegro’s membership in NATO.


Conflicts of narrow party interests sets back Montenegro on its path towards the European Union and NATO which jeopardize its progress and prosperity, said the American Ambassador in Podgorica Sue K. Brown. The American ambassador said in an interview to the news agency MINA, as an obvious example of such conduct cites the example of the election of the Chief State Prosecutor.In order to obtain a new Supreme Prosecutors it would be necessary that two-thirds majority in the national parliament vote for him. Political parties can not agree on a common candidate and more than a year Montenegro is without the first person of the prosecutor’s office. All this happens when Montenegro negotiates with EU on chapters 23 and 24 in which the functions of the Prosecutor General is very crucial for a successful fight against corruption and organized crime.


The American ambassador said that the undefined situation regarding the selection of the Chief State Prosecutor means only that many of the tasks that are ahead of Montenegro on the rule of law remain unfinished. In addition, it also undermines the citizens’ right to a fair, efficient and reliable legal system. In the best interest of the citizens of Montenegro, we encourage all parties to find a solution to this unresolved situation and choose the Supreme Public Prosecutor, stated Brown.


Commenting on the fact that on the upcoming summit of NATO countries in Wales, Montenegro will not receive an invitation for membership, the American ambassador said that for Montenegro can be reassuring messages that during 2015. will be made final decisions. Intensified talks with Montenegro in the following year should be seen as an encouraging sign that recognizes the progress and points to the need to continue implementing reforms. NATO allies will follow and expect tangible progress in areas such as rule of law, reform of the defense and intelligence sectors, as well as public support for EU membership, said Braun.


Sue K. Brown says that Montenegro has adopted a number of important legislative changes which aim intelligence reform. It is time to implement these changes now in order for Montenegrin intelligence to harmonize with the standards of the 21st century so that on Montenegro can be counted on as a future partner in the Alliance, says the Ambassador of the United States. The Montenegrin government must be constantly mindful in relation to corruption and take measures to prevent government officials, and all citizens to participate in corrupt practices. It also means that they must create the conditions for media to freely investigate possible cases of corruption. The fact that journalists have to reveal is not always pleasant, but if you want to prevent the spread of corruption, journalists must be provided conditions to carry out their work in an unbiased manner, says Sue K. Brown.