Montenegro: PzP leader Nebojša Medojević resigned as MP

Montenegro: PzP leader Nebojša Medojević resigned as MP

The president of the Movement for Changes (PzP) and one of the leaders of the Democratic Front, Nebojša Medojević, resigned from the parliamentary function.

He said at the press conference that he made the decision to withdraw the amendments to the Budget Bill for this year.

“There is no need for MPs to bother and discuss my amendments. Obviously, they are not that important, and thus the conditions have been met for me to fulfil my promise to resign from the parliamentary seat,” said Medojević.

He pointed out that he did not write amendments to the Budget Bill in order to negotiate and trade, but to get the support of the majority, reports Pobjeda.

Medojević said that there was no information that the leaders of the Democratic Front (DF), Andrija Mandić and Milan Knežević, had an agreement with the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral, Joanikije, regarding the budget for this year.

Pobjeda previously reported that the new Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Joanikije Mićović, mediated in the agreement between Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić and the Democratic Front, according to which the DF will vote for the budget, and in return, the Prime Minister will open negotiations on government reshuffle.

“I was not at that dinner, I was not even invited. The DF is completely clear – we respect the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC), its unity, and we are ready to comply with any request in terms of its interests, its status and position in Montenegro,” said Medojević.

He said that he does not accept that anyone from the church influences the budget vote, personnel issues, and the formation of the Government.

“I think it is harmful and dangerous for the church and society. Those who support and have the ambition to influence political decisions should bear responsibility,” Medojević said.

He pointed out that the Serbian Orthodox Church treated the DF incorrectly in the elections in Nikšić and Herceg Novi, “and it clearly sided with other colleagues from the ruling majority.”

“I think that the DF deserved at least as much respect and correctness and a little more, having in mind our struggle and a clear attitude towards the interests of the Serbian Orthodox Church,” Medojević emphasized.

He said that the deputies would vote for the budget, which, as he said, is “stillborn”.

“This is a frivolous and irresponsible government, prone to secret affairs and I would say corruption,” Medojević said.

He said that the Government of Zdravko Krivokapić “leads the country into bankruptcy without a mistake”.

According to Medojević, the government has done nothing to reform social policy.

“The government merged the Ministry of Finance with the Ministry of Social Welfare, which does not exist anywhere in the world,” Medojević emphasized.

He believes that the first move of the Government should be the introduction of a state of emergency and the abolition of legal norms that protect organized crime.

Medojević said that the government continuously relies its foreign policy on the foreign policy pursued by the “Milo Đukanović regime”.

“We have grossly deceived the voters here. Generally speaking, this government has shown in six months that it is not reformist and that it is not a government of discontinuity,” he pointed out.

Medojević said that the goal of the Government is to overthrow the DF and keep Đukanović in power.

“The DF will not look at this calmly. This is the Government of Continuity that is introducing Montenegro into a debacle,” Medojević said.