Montenegro: Presence of OSCE observers confirms partnership cooperation with Montenegro, says Brajović

Montenegro: Presence of OSCE observers confirms partnership cooperation with Montenegro, says Brajović

Today, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ivan Brajović, received the Vice President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and Special Coordinator for the OSCE Short-Term Observation Mission for the Parliamentary Elections in Montenegro, Margareta Cederfelt.

Brajović expressed satisfaction with the presence of the OSCE observers, which constitutes “yet another confirmation of the partnership cooperation with Montenegro”. He emphasized that, even before the referendum on the restoration of independence, this organization supported the democratic processes and modernization of Montenegro, especially by developing meaningful cooperation with the Parliament. He emphasized that the parliamentary majority in this mandate worked intensively on the improvement of the election laws, with the goal of creating the best possible election environment, but that, unfortunately, it did not have the support of the opposition parties.

“It is quite strange that the opposition parties, which have objections to the election laws, do not want to vote for their promotion, which could remove those objections. The only explanation I see is that they need an alibi to say that the legal preconditions for free and fair elections have not been met, after they lose the elections”, the President of the Montenegrin Parliament emphasized.

President Brajović stressed his belief that this time as well, the citizens will give their full support to a multiethnic, civic, anti-fascist, democratic Montenegro that respects the heritage of diversity, is a good neighbour, a reliable ally in the North Atlantic Alliance and the next member of the European Union. He pointed out that it would not be a surprise if the opposition tried to jeopardize the regularity of the electoral process and justify its poor election results with manipulative actions, scenarios already known and prepared. It is unusual and inappropriate to include the Serbian Orthodox Church in the elections in Montenegro, which continuously supports this wing of the opposition, thus disturbing the civic harmony and free expression of the electoral will of the citizens.

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Vice President Margareta Cederfelt thanked President Brajović for the invitation and pointed out that this was the first observation mission of the Parliamentary Assembly after the coronavirus pandemic. She said that the presence of international observers was a sign of solidarity, which once again shows the commitment to Montenegro and its citizens.

“The elections on August 30 are important not only for the development of Montenegro and the fulfillment of its foreign policy goals; more than that, the presence of international observers is a sign of the gradual opening of Europe from the blockade caused by the coronavirus. As observers, we are looking forward to seeing that Montenegro is working to ensure that elections are conducted in line with the OSCE recommendations, while protecting public health”, Cederfelt said.

The meeting focused on the updated election legislation, the impact of the coronavirus on the conduct of political campaigns, and the conditions in which the election process will be conducted. /ibna