Montenegro: Political parties accuse each other of series of incidents

Montenegro: Political parties accuse each other of series of incidents

Parties and coalitions in Montenegro are accusing each other of a series of incidents that have occurred in several cities in the past two days, in which Bosniak and Muslim facilities have been attacked.

Milo Đukanović’s Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), which won the largest number of votes in the elections, accuses the pro-Serbian coalitions, which received the largest number of votes, of provoking incidents on a national basis, displaying Chetnik flags and attacking Islamic religious sites.

On the other hand, the parties gathered around the winning coalition and the representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro accuse the DPS of causing riots because they lost the elections and at this moment a stable and secure Montenegro does not suit them.

“The last in a series, a vandal act of violence in Pljevlja, directed against the Islamic community there, is a great human shame for its perpetrator. It is dishonorable and cowardly to do such things under the cover of night, regardless of the motives of the main actor of this event. We cannot escape the impression that this is a deliberate provocation that aims to disrupt relations between the citizens of Pljevlja and the whole of Montenegro on the basis of religious affiliation. We will not draw premature conclusions, but the fact that several incidents remain unsolved suggests that this is not an authentic form of religious hatred and intolerance and hooliganism, but a deliberate plan to raise tensions over the election outcome, which, unfortunately, already yields its results”, Metropolitan Amfilohije warned.

Many leaders of the winning coalition also condemned the incidents and asked their supporters to stay at home and not go out so that no one could accuse them of committing an incident.

Although everything seems clear, the DPS has not yet surrendered and has not definitively admitted electoral defeat. At the session of the Presidency of the party, it was concluded that the DPS is the individual winner of the elections and that they are ready for talks on potential post-election coalitions. They made it known that a lot more could be changed.

“The Democratic Party of Socialists is ready for post-election talks with potential partners. These will primarily be those parties with which it has constituted a parliamentary majority so far, because we believe that this pro-European bloc has both strength and determination to continue the work that has started. Having in mind the danger that loomed over Montenegro, the DPS will subordinate its party interest to the general interest of all patriotic forces to preserve the independence of Montenegro, our identity, our Euro-Atlantic path, the value of anti-fascism and our interethnic coexistence”, the statement said.

The DPS clearly says that there is nothing to talk about with those who “mixed religion and politics in these elections, who take us back to the past and poison us with Greater Serbia nationalism, in which there is no place for the Montenegrin state or the Montenegrin name”./ibna