Montenegro PM continues the official visit to BiH

Montenegro PM continues the official visit to BiH

Montenegro PM, Zdravko Krivokapić, continues his official visit to BiH in Banja Luka where he arrived last evening to meet the highest Republika Srpska officials.

During his meeting with RS President Željka Cvijanović, interlocutors agreed that it is necessary to remove barriers for better cooperation.

Krivokapić pointed out that the goal of Montenegro is to intensify projects in the field of transport infrastructure with the countries of the region and in that context added the importance of building a road between Foča and Šćepan Polje, which will be partly financed by the European Union. He announced the conversion of four border crossings with BiH into integrated border crossings. “Our goal is to remove barriers and contribute to better relations in the region,” the PM pointed out.

President Cvijanović informed Prime Minister Krivokapić about the political situation and the achievements of the local authorities and stressed the importance of abolishing the toll on the Meljine-Petijevići road between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The two officials exchanged views on the current epidemiological situation. In that context, the importance of the regional approach and cooperation was pointed out once again, especially in the part of opening the borders, which will significantly contribute to the economic recovery and success of the upcoming tourist season. Prime Minister Krivokapić and President Cvijanović emphasised that they were keeping the pandemic under control. Prime Minister Krivokapić said that Montenegro was ready for the tourist season and invited the citizens of Republika Srpska to spend their summer vacation in Montenegro.

At the meeting with RS PM, Radovan Višković, Krivokapić expressed satisfaction with the visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and pointed out that the two-day visit to that country was extremely successful. He said that the fact that the first official bilateral visit in the region indicates the importance that Montenegro attaches to cooperation with neighbours, in order to achieve the set foreign policy priorities, among which relations with neighbours and regional cooperation occupy a significant place.

Prime Minister Višković thanked the Prime Minister of Montenegro for the visit. He said that foreign trade can be significantly improved, emphasizing that economic ties are a precondition for better cooperation.

“Until now, the cooperation was more at the local level, and now we have cooperation between the two governments that we did not have before. Our fraternal ties are centuries-old, and that obliges us, even more, to continue to cherish what our ancestors did,” said Višković.

Prime Minister Višković thanked the Government of Montenegro for abolishing the toll on the Meljine – Petijevići toll.

“Borders must not be a barrier for tourism and mutual cooperation,” Višković said.

The officials exchanged opinions on infrastructure projects that need to be implemented in the coming period in order to create conditions for more dynamic economic cooperation, where, as they assessed, there is significant room for improvement. The meeting concluded that Montenegro and Republika Srpska are determined to create all preconditions in the coming period for trade cooperation in the region to gain new momentum and to create conditions for better regional connections in areas of mutual interest.