Montenegro: Parliamentary parties without agreement on government reshuffle

Montenegro: Parliamentary parties without agreement on government reshuffle

At today’s meeting of the leaders of the parties of the parliamentary majority, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapić, offered that the reconstructed Government has 16 ministries and three vice presidents, and that the deadline for harmonizing changes in the Government be October 10.

Krivokapić proposed the separation of four departments – the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media, the Department of Capital Investments and the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism.

After the meeting, NOVA leader Andrija Mandić told reporters that no concrete agreement had been reached. Mandić stated that he is not sure that anyone set ultimatums, but that they came to what they knew before.

“If no agreement is reached, the people are here to give their judgment,” Mandić said.

DNP leader Milan Knežević said after the meeting of representatives that the majority of deputies are on one side, and three deputies of the Civic Movement URA are on the other side.

“Regardless of the fact that we have made big concessions, we have such a situation,” Knežević told reporters.

SNP leader Vladimir Joković stated that Krivokapić said that he was proposing 16 ministries and two more vice-presidential positions. According to Jokovic, the Prime Minister said that it was not a “take or leave” offer, but a proposal on which the parties should decide.

“The prime minister said that this would be the starting point for the next meetings,” Joković said.

He said that, after the meeting, the door was left open.

PzP MP Branko Radulović stated that the meeting showed that there is a common denominator. He says that they will talk in the coming days as well.

“I am glad that we are aware of the great crisis in which Montenegro is, aware of our responsibility and that we will be the main actors in resolving the crisis,” said Radulović.

He also thinks that more than 90% of the positions have been agreed and he hopes that the agreement will be reached in the next seven days.

The leader of Prava, Marko Milačić, said that they were given a deadline of October 8 to comment on Krivokapić’s proposal and that they should have a common position by October 10.

“It makes me happy because we don’t have more time and I am happy with that serious deadline,” Milačić said, adding that Prava is satisfied with the meeting. He also says that blackmail is not the solution.

GP URA MP Miloš Konatar said that two approaches were crystallized at the meeting, one based on the agreement between the DF and the Democrats, and the other representing URA, that the Government be reconstructed on the expert non-partisan model.

He stated that the Prime Minister gave the draft, and not the official proposal and that the Prime Minister will only support the proposal for reconstruction, which is supported by 41 deputies. Konatar said that the Government will continue to function even if there is no agreement. He also said that URA is not blackmailing. According to him, everything that URA did was in the service of the functioning of the Government.