Montenegro has opened 25 embassies in seven years

Montenegro has opened 25 embassies in seven years


By Adnan Prekic – Podgorica

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, during the past seven years, has implemented the decision of the Government on the establishment and the inauguration of the six permanent missions to international organizations, which involve 25 embassies and three consulates in general.

In the period from 2006 to 2014 embassies were opened in Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, People’s Republic of China, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Federal Republic of Germany, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, the United States, the Holy See and the Sovereign Order of Malta knights, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Swiss confederation.

A Consulate General opened in the U.S., based in New York, and in the Federal Republic of Germany, based in Frankfurt and Munich.

During this period, Montenegro, in order to provide a broader and more adequate representation of their interests, have set up a number of accredited resident and non-resident ambassadors,  so as to represents and protect the interests of Montenegro in 24 countries.

Montenegro is from FYR Macedonia that won the bid to obtain, free of charge, the use of a space in Istanbul, in which is currently housed the FYR Macedonian Consulate General. The significance of the presence of at DCMs in Istanbul is huge. It is proposed that Montenegro consider the possibility that, in the same way, provide accommodation for the diplomatic missions of FYR Macedonia in Argentina. FYR Macedonia and Montenegro are to begin negotiations to accommodate the Embassy of Montenegro in the collocation arrangement in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is the only Scandinavian country that has membership in the EU and NATO.

Bearing in mind the absence of a diplomatic base in the Iberian Peninsula, on the basis of the bilateral agreements on collocation, FYR Macedonia is also interested to rent a space with Montenegro that would be jointly used for the accommodation of the diplomatic missions of the two countries in Madrid, Spain. Therefore, in the future, action will be taken aimed at reaching an agreement on the matter. In addition to these plans, the Department will consider the offer of the Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Ukraine that will, for the accommodation of the Montenegrin Embassy in that country, assign appropriate facilities free of charge.

As Montenegro’s economic parameters are outside the group of countries that Switzerland allows bilateral coverage from Geneva, in the future it is unrealistic to expect an obligation to open an embassy in Bern, which in addition to the cost  will not mean a significant departure from the current budget allocations. This will certainly contribute to the efficient work of the Mission of Montenegro to the UN in Geneva, and increase attention to the host country. Also, it was concluded that Montenefro should separate the functions of the bilateral Ambassador of Montenegro in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg from the its ambassadors to NATO.

As for the countries in the region, the government  approved the decision, in addition to the embassy in Belgrade, to open  a consulate in Vojvodina in Serbia. Taking into account the demands of the diaspora, as well as its membership, the government decided that they should, as soon as possible, open a consulate in Vojvodina. However, it is not stated in which city the consulate will be.