Montenegro: New government making steps forward

Montenegro: New government making steps forward

Andrija Mandić, President of the New Serbian Democracy and one of the leaders of the Democratic Front, said that the political alliance agreed to form a government of experts and thus has met the demands of the prime minister-designate, referring to the proposals he received from Western embassies and during talks with the smallest coalition list.

As he pointed out, during the formation of the government, there were no personal conflicts or misunderstandings.

“In essence, it was a problem of diverging views and different conceptions. We have decided to meet the demands of the prime minister, that is, the proposals he received in the embassies of Western countries and during a conversation with the smallest coalition list … The time ahead will show the superiority of the concept we advocated”, Mandić said.

He recalled that their election program signaled a change in foreign policy, and the first point was to re-establish relations between Serbia and Montenegro.

“When it comes to the formation of the government, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić did not criticize us. Mr Vučić and the entire Serbian nation know how much we and the Serbian people have suffered in this area. As he said, he thought that we were politically wrong to agree to an expert government, but that was his opinion. He believes the concept advocated by the US ambassador and a group of Montenegrin oligarchs -that there should be no Serbian politicians in the government but that the government should be composed of people close to the Vijesti concern and Monitor- is not a good way forward”, Mandić said.

He added that he told Vučić the DF would not want anyone to be declared a “fat cat”, under the pretext that someone who is the biggest and who is in the distribution should have received the least, and that someone who had not participated in the elections should get everything. /ibna