Montenegro MPs against the Law on Life Partnership of the Same-Sex Persons

Montenegro MPs against the Law on Life Partnership of the Same-Sex Persons

The Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Bosniak Party (BS) the Albanians Decisively coalition, the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI) and all independent MPs have failed the exam and jeopardized the European bid of the country, said the president of the NGO Queer Montenegro Steering Committee Danijel Kalezić.

The Parliament of Montenegro did not pass on Wednesday the Law on Life Partnership of the Same-Sex Persons since the necessary majority was not achieved. Out of 81 the MPs, 38 voted in favor of the law, while four MPs were against it.

The Bill on Same-Sex Life Partnerships in Montenegro would enable those persons to enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples, without the possibility of adopting children.

Kalezić said that LGBTIQ persons contribute to the country equally as all others and that due to the irresponsibility of the majority in the Montenegrin parliament they are still forced to live as second-class citizens.

He remarked that failure to pass this law showed deep hypocrisy of the Montenegrin party system based on, as he said, political manoeuvring and personal and partisan interests.

Kalezić remarked that there are lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender persons among members of all nationalities, even Bosniaks, Albanians, and Croatian, although their representatives, the part of the ruling collation, voted against the law.

Jelena Čolaković of NGO Juventas said that human rights in Montenegro, unfortunately, are not what they should be in their nature.

“Ethnic minority parties know that very well, although they voted against the legal designing of the partnerships which, whether they admit that or not, exist”, said Čolaković.

The Center for Civic Education (CGO) stated that failure to pass this law showed that particular interests of the parties and individuals, even those swearing into European standards, are above the fight for human rights.

“Political parties and independent MPs that took part in the parliament’s work, and did not vote or avoided to vote for that law have no excuse for their actions”, CGO stated.

This NGO reiterated that their survey carried out early this year showed a positive trend in the perception of the citizens towards LGBTIQ persons and their rights.

“Asked about their opinion about the Law on Life Partnership of Same Sex Persons, more than half of the citizens, 55% of them, stated that they have a positive or very positive opinion on that”, CGO added./ibna