Montenegro: Medojević believes that the government has made a catastrophic mistake

Montenegro: Medojević believes that the government has made a catastrophic mistake

One of the leaders of the Democratic Front and the president of the “Movement for Change”, Nebojša Medojević, who equally criticizes the ruling coalition and the opposition, announced on the DF’s Facebook page that it is unbelievable that the Montenegro government appointed state President Milo Đukanović as head of state delegation to the UN General Assembly in New York.

“Instead of the prime minister (Zdravko Krivokapić) being the head of the state delegation at the annual session of the UN General Assembly in New York, the incompetent prime minister and his ignoramuses in the cabinet and the government allowed the head of the state delegation to be none other than the coup and mafia head Đukanović. That is incredible ignorance and stupidity of the Government. According to the Constitution, the Government leads Montenegro’s foreign policy. The Government was to adopt a Platform for the Annual Assembly in accordance with the Government’s foreign policy. The Government had to determine the composition and head of the delegation. in the UN, he represented the policy of the Government (if it exists at all), “Medojević stated in the announcement.

Medojević believes that Đukanović should never have been appointed to the delegation because he “led illegal violent protests against the Constitutional Order.”

“Thus, the head of the Montenegrin delegation will be Milo Đukanović, and Foreign Minister Radulović will be a member of Milo’s delegation?! It is clear that Đukanović will use this gift of ignorant people from the Government and present DPS policy and his personal views in New York, continuing to accuse the Serbian Orthodox Church, Serbia, the Government, the DF, Russia… of Montenegro’s instability. Surely Đukanović will not talk about his drug cartels and cigarette smuggling, unsolved murders, corruption in the prosecution, courts, police, ties to the former prime minister Malta Muscat and the murder of journalist Galicia Daphne, money laundering and gambling of Chinese triads, business with Azerbaijani dictator Aliyev, connections with Turkish mobster Pecker, Libyans at the Igalo Institute, sale of weapons to ISIL” Medojević pointed out.

As he said, “how incompetent and stupid you have to be, to leave Đukanović an important international stage and the possibility to arrange meetings with Biden and other statesmen through his paid lobbyists, who will, by the nature of things, be there.”

“It is impossible to help this government because they are too incompetent for this serious job. They could at least remember how Milo humiliated them regarding the appointment and dismissal of the ambassador, so now they had an ideal opportunity to react reciprocally. Ignorance of Krivokapić and the incompetence of his apostles cost us too much and endangers vital national interests. Simply, a man is not for this job and should resign. His ignorance and mistakes are too costly and are paid for by all the citizens of Montenegro. Not to mention that the topic will be climate change and that our Government does not yet have a National Plan for Energy Transition and Climate Change,” Medojević concluded in a statement.