Montenegro: Krivokapić presents gov’t programme and composition to MPs

Montenegro: Krivokapić presents gov’t programme and composition to MPs

The new government will be a government of discontinuity, freedom and equality, said Montenegro Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapić, stating that the current crisis can be overcome only through reforms, fair governance, knowledge and work to strengthen the rule of law.

Today, Krivokapić presented the program and members of the new government in parliament.

The prime minister-designate, responding to the remarks made by Movement for Changes MP Nebojša Medojević on the account of his exposition, said that the program could not have been different.

“Those with no access to data do not have the right to play with them. This is what could have been done at this moment,” Krivokapić pointed out.

He added that the new government which, as he stated, would surely be voted, will be the government of the people, not the minority.

“Then you give us an ultimatum to work for only six months. If you expect a result to be so measurable in just six months, it can only be a government of continuity. This is a government of discontinuity”, stated Krivokapić.

He said that he was not bound by the way someone used to work in the past, adding that the government would make a work program for next year in February.

Krivokapić stressed that now all necessary preconditions have been created for the formation of the first democratic government.

“For that reason, we are fully aware that our obligation is historical and unrepeatable. The main goal of this government will be that, at the end of our term, Montenegro will be more organized and richer than it has been so far,” Krivokapić said.

As he stated, the task will not be easy, and the challenges ahead require the engagement of the entire society.

Krivokapić said that the situation by the time they took office could rightly be described as a kind of coup d’état.

He underlined that the situation in public finances was serious, that the administrative apparatus is too cumbersome and inefficient, and that the epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19 virus is out of control.

“The health care system is on the verge of collapse, while the medical staff is on the brink of exhaustion; the regularity of the educational process is in question, unemployment is rising every day due to the strong economic recession, and citizens have long lost confidence in institutions,” Krivokapić said.

He pointed out that the current crisis can be overcome only with reforms, fair and domestic management, knowledge and work on strengthening the rule of law.


Krivokapić stated that the responsibility for the current situation is not borne by the citizens nor by the former opposition, but only by the previous administration.

“We are here because of the citizens; to serve them and achieve a better life for them, which is our ultimate goal,” Krivokapić pointed out.

He emphasized that freedom is felt today in every corner of Montenegro, stating that a safe and economically independent citizen who can support thyself through work is a free person.

“We must never again allow the question ‘Who did you vote for?’ to be crucial for the existence of our citizens. The measure of progress must become knowledge, skills and work outcomes”, said Krivokapić.

He pointed out that the state is as strong as its institutions.

“That is why one of our most important obligations is to strengthen their efficiency and restore the shaken trust. There are no such individuals, nor parallel institutions, which can or may be stronger than the state”, Krivokapić emphasized.

The goal, as he said, is to create a system that will no longer be in the service of one party, certain interest groups or individuals, but in the service of all citizens. /ibna