Montenegro: highest corruption perceptions in the health sector

Montenegro: highest corruption perceptions in the health sector

Podgorica, January 15, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Adnan Prekic

More than one quarter of the citizens of Montenegro believe that corruption exists in the health sector, while citizens also recognise corruption in the police, and one in ten also believes that corruption exists in the judicial system. These results were obtained by the basis research of the agency DAMAR about experiences and perceptions of corruption. According to the citizens opinion, corruption is least prevalent in culture, politics, sports and media.

The presence of corruption in the health sector recognises the largest number of respondents (26.1 percent), while in second place is the police with 13.4 percent, followed with 10.1 percent by the judiciary, research results show. As the elementary cause for the emergence of corruption citizens single out low income of officials in the government services (23.9 percent)

The largest number of respondents (44.6 percent) think that the level of corruption in Montenegro is the same as the previous year. 30.1% believes the presence of corruption in Montenegrin society has increased, while 15.6 percent of citizens believe that the level of corruption is lower than in the previous year. One out of ten respondent did not wish to answer this question.

When it comes to expectations of the citizens for improvement of current situation in concerning the fight against corruption in Montenegro, most of them expect an increase in the number of of final verdicts (33 percent), an increase in the number of reported cases of corruption (19.9 percent), and work towards increasing public awareness of the this problem (19.3 percent).

Nearly 70 percent of citizens answered that during their realisation of rights by state or by local municipality, there was no conditional requirement for giving a gift of money to any officer.

The fight against corruption is one of the fundamental problems of Montenegro in the process of negotiations with the European Union. Montenegro in 2014 was ranked 76th on the Transparency International Corruption Perception list. This ranking is nine places worse compared to last year. This is the lowest position of Montenegro on this list in the last five years. The Council of the European union notes that accession negotiations overall depends on the progress on the rule of law.