Montenegro: “Discipline must be imposed on anyone who did not comply with orders and instructions”, PM says

Montenegro: “Discipline must be imposed on anyone who did not comply with orders and instructions”, PM says

Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Marković addressed on Thursday the citizens regarding the current situation with coronavirus, in relation to the suppression of the coronavirus pandemic and with special reference to the new package of economic measures of the Government.

“Montenegro continues to successfully tackle an epidemic that has endangered and paralysed the whole world. This is indicated by the information and analysis of all domestic and international institutions and I would like once again to thank all citizens of Montenegro, who have shown a high level of awareness and responsibility during this difficult time. Unfortunately, we also witness the irresponsibility of a small number of people, who can jeopardise the goals set by the state; and to defeat the sacrifice, responsibility and patriotism of the vast majority of citizens. The sacrifice and renunciation, among others, of the residents from Tuzi, residents of the village of Biokovac in the municipality of Bijelo Polje, the inhabitants of the Roma settlement in Konik. Now everyone without exception must be aware that we are in the most important period for preserving the health of all of us”, Marković stressed.

He pointed to the crucial importance of the contribution of every citizen in combating the pandemic today, because it means an opportunity for all to avoid the virus, and vice versa – “the danger of everyone being infected, if we do not follow the rules and personally contribute to collective protection”.

“Therefore, discipline must be imposed on anyone who did not comply with orders and instructions. For ourselves, our children, our families. That is why law enforcement institutions in the coming days must be as determined and consistent, as never before. Despite all of this, the burden on citizens is multiplied when, in addition to health care, our man has to think about how to feed his family, while the employer thinks of how to provide wages for his employees. It is the responsibility of the Government, in the ordinary circumstances, to provide an environment for economic development and a better standard for its citizens. However, the right to a decent life for each of you, and in the situation we found ourselves, is also a job of the state. For this reason, I have asked the expert team to prepare a proposal for economic measures that will be adjusted to this moment and targeted towards those who need it the most”, the Montenegrin PM pointed out.

Marković emphasised that the economic team he has formed, had proposed a package of measures to support the economy, employees and socially disadvantaged citizens and that a dialogue between social partners, representatives of parliamentary groups in Parliament and a number of economic experts and analysts will be launched tomorrow.

“I want us to gather and unite both, our strength and our knowledge! To make an Alliance for Montenegro, because only together and only in unity, can we tackle all the challenges imposed by the spread of this virus. The state will continue to fullfil its obligation towards its citizens and economy, in changed and difficult circumstances, on a regular basis”, Marković stated./ibna