Montenegro: Coronavirus cases imported by irresponsible individuals, Marković says

Montenegro: Coronavirus cases imported by irresponsible individuals, Marković says

Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Marković said today in the Parliament that the state has invested enormous effort and money to delay the coronavirus outbreak, to prevent its spread and to eliminate it to the greatest extent and preserve the health and lives of citizens, but that the virus returned due to the irresponsible behaviour by several individuals who attended football match in Belgrade or traveled to Tutin.

“Montenegro started the fight against this plague on time, back in January. We have done everything to delay the outbreak, to suppress it at that stage to a level that can be controlled. Then immediately in March, the Government adopted the first package of measures that had a predominantly socio-economic character. After these first, urgent measures, we conducted a comprehensive dialogue with all involved social actors with the aim of preparing a second package of measures, which we directed towards those who need it most. The goal was to preserve the substance of our economy, and to keep the chances of development realistic and certain. I believe we have succeeded to the greatest extent. The gross fiscal effect of the second package of measures amounted to EUR 75 million. In addition, the Government has formed a special team that is intensively preparing a third package of measures, which will primarily have developmental character”, Marković said, answering a question from the MP Group of the Democratic Party of Socialists.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that Montenegro will win the fight against coronavirus, but pointed out that the irresponsibility of individuals leads to the import and re-spread of the virus.

“We have seen that the largest number of new cases of the disease at this time can be clearly and undoubtedly connected with only a few individuals, and what characterizes them is the fact that they arose by directly circumventing the measures and recommendations of the Government and the Ministry of Health. The presence at the football match in Belgrade can be directly linked to the cluster from Budva, which currently has 11 patients, but also three additional cases of virus importation that have not yet resulted in secondary disease, while as many as 31 cases in Rožaje cluster spread to Bar, Ulcinj and Berane are connected with illegal cross-border movement to the municipality of Tutin in Serbia. Science is clear about one thing, and that is that in case of non-compliance with prevention measures, especially social distancing, wearing masks and hand hygiene, it is very likely and possible that there will be a mass disease again even before autumn, or before we expected”, said the Montenegrin Prime Minister. Marković said that the Adria tour tennis tournament, which was supposed to be held in Montenegro as well, was “an example of a mindless and irresponsible attitude towards the health of the inhabitants”.

“It was written in the media, columns were published, “Facebook smart people” spread the story in Montenegro that we made a serious mistake, because we did not allow the tournament to take place. No, that is not true. We allowed it, but according to the rules of NKT and we did not want to give in to the pressure of famous names in sports, whom we respect and admire, but also not to the big financial corporations behind the tournament and their financial interests. Then we said that the health of the residents comes first and today we are proud of that decision”, Marković said in the Assembly, answering the question of Andrija Nikolić (DPS).

The Prime Minister said that there is not a single valid scientific evidence that would indicate the weakening of the virus, that it is not known how long the epidemic will last, what will be its intensity and further consequences, whether the virus will recur, and in what form./ibna