Montenegro: Bečić pledges commitment to foreign policy plan

Montenegro: Bečić pledges commitment to foreign policy plan

Montenegro Parliament Speaker Aleksa Bečić attended a virtual meeting with the Vice President of the European Commission and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Borrell.

The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapić and Dritan Abazović respectively, alongside Foreign Minister Đorđe Radulović also attended the meeting.

Congratulating them on their appointments, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Joseph Borrell welcomed the foreign policy commitment of the new ruling majority, and stressed that Montenegro and the European Union must work together for the EU to open its doors to the countries of the Western Balkans, particularly Montenegro.

He pointed out that Montenegro’s EU accession remains high on the list of priorities, expressing satisfaction over the fact that Montenegro has harmonized its foreign policy with the EU standards. Addressing the participants, High Representative Borrell reiterated that the climate within the European Union is very positive when it comes to Montenegro joining the European Community, adding that reforms in the field of ​​the rule of law are necessary to achieve this goal.

On this occasion, he pointed out that this was his first meeting with the leaders of the new convocation of the Montenegrin Assembly and the new government, voicing his expectation that a joint visit of the Montenegrin leaders to Brussels would take place as soon as possible.

Emphasizing that the European Union is a proven friend of Montenegro, Assembly President Bečić expressed his gratitude for the continuous commitment, as well as his confidence that good relations will be preserved under the new administration. In that context, President Bečić emphasized that Montenegro remains consistent with its foreign policy commitment, as there is no alternative to it.

Bečić briefed Vice President Borrell on the priorities of the new Assembly and pointed out that he would work on strengthening the legislative, supervisory and control role, as well as the reform of the judiciary and the comprehensive reform of the election legislation.

The President of the Assembly assessed that Montenegro has shown democratic maturity and the Agreement concluded between the three coalitions conveys the message that Montenegro remains committed to its strategic foreign policy. “Our path is pro-Western, pro-European and civil,” Bečić concluded.

The meeting was an opportunity for Parliament Speaker Aleksa Bečić to invite High Representative Borrell to visit Montenegro, with the latter gladly accepting the invitation, hoping it would take place as soon as epidemiological conditions allowed it.

Montenegro PM Zdravko Krivokapić expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to hold talks with High Representative Borrell and the latter’s desire to visit the country.

Krivokapić assured Borrell that his government will be consistent in implementing reforms and fulfilling obligations on the path to EU integration. What is more, the importance of intensive communication and support in the fight against organized crime and corruption in Montenegro was also pointed out, with the aim of fully establishing the rule of law, freedom of the media, democratization and the creation of civil society. /ibna