Montenegro adopts the South East Europe Development Strategy

Montenegro adopts the South East Europe Development Strategy


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos –

Government of Montenegro adopted the Bill on Construction Products establishing the regulatory framework for free circulation of construction products that meet harmonized European technical requirements.

It was agreed that the adoption of this law contributes to the protection of consumer rights and to environmental quality of both domestic and imported construction products, thus creating conditions for export of the Montenegrin products to the EU market.

The Cabinet also adopted the Bill Amending the Law on Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons. The goal of the proposed changes is to improve the existing regulations through a clearer definition of state authorities’ jurisdiction and concessionaire’s responsibilities in this process.

This enables better position of the state in the process of granting concessions for hydrocarbons production, as some areas regulated by the Law will not be negotiated with oil companies.

The Government adopted a model for advancing institutional and normative anti-corruption preventive framework, which is the first step towards establishment a new, more efficient and more effective anti-corruption body in order to unite and strengthen competencies of the existing preventive bodies. In this regard, the meeting stressed the Government’s commitment to setting up an independent agency that will consolidate and enhance the existing jurisdiction of the Directorate for Anti-Corruption Initiative, the Committee for the Prevention of Conflicts of Interest and the State Election Commission for the control of political parties and election campaigns funding.

Among other things, the new agency should provide full functionality of the existing concept of protecting “whistleblowers”.

The Montenegrin Government also adopted the South East Europe Development Strategy until 2020 aimed at achieving high and sustainable economic growth, thus encouraging greater economic growth in the region, as well as greater prosperity and new job creation through boosting regional cooperation and ties with the EU. The strategy reflects the SEE government’s determination to implement policies that would encourage rapid socio-economic growth, improve the quality of life, and enhance employment as well as access to the EU market.

Closer cooperation in clearly defined areas presented in the strategy will help the SEE countries overcome challenges and accelerate achievement of objectives in key sectors.

Sources:, Montenegrin Government