Montenegro: Abazović’s security threatened and he feels “very relaxed”

Montenegro: Abazović’s security threatened and he feels “very relaxed”

Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović told reporters on Tuesday that he felt “very relaxed” even though police had learned that the Kavač clan was planning to assassinate him.

“I am ready to pay any price. We all have to work hard, “said Abazović, adding that no one can cover up the truth.

Abazović said that he did not want to comment on the intercepted communication of the alleged members of the Kavač clan, but that he wanted to praise the management of the Police Administration. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro announced on Monday that “organized criminal groups, primarily Kavač, are undertaking activities that endanger the security of Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazović.”

The statement states that the police officers, working on shedding light on the murder that was committed in Mojkovac on Sunday, came to the knowledge that indicates the existence of a potential risk to the safety of the holders of the highest state positions.

“The information gathered indicates the intention of members of organized criminal groups, primarily the Kavač criminal group and one of the leaders, Slobodan Kašćelan, to take activities aimed at endangering Abazović’s life in response to their arrest and prosecution for serious and organized crime,” it said. in a statement.

The Ministry of the Interior said that additional measures and actions had been taken to protect Abazović’s security, aware of the fact that members of the Kavač criminal group are part of broader regional structures, with very strong ties at the transnational level, whose key feature is unscrupulous commission of the most serious crimes.

Montenegrin police recently arrested Slobodan Kašćelan, who is considered one of the leaders of the Kavač clan. Along with him, several people suspected of being members of the same clan were arrested. By the decision of the court, all of them were released to defend themselves after the hearing.