Montenegrin PM and David Martin agree that EU enlargement will benefit W. Balkans

Montenegrin PM and David Martin agree that EU enlargement will benefit W. Balkans
Montegro's premier Duško Marković hosted on Monday, December 18, the Delegation of the European Parliament for Relations with his country, headed by Co-Chairman of the EU-Montenegro Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee (SAPC), David Martin.

Reiterating a solid decision of his country about the course Podgorica has chosen and which is nothing else but the Euro-Atlantic and European accession, Marković and the EU official focused on how much Montenegro will gain out of European Union's policy towards enlargement. Both sides agreed that "the EU needs to send clear and encouraging messages to the Western Balkans about its European perspective", reads the official page of the Government of Montenegro.

"Although the region is facing different political challenges, the EU needs to send strong, brave and decisive messages to the Western Balkans in 2018 regarding its European perspective. Bureaucratic procedures must not diminish the essence," said the Montenegrin PM. He noted how important and necessary it is for the region's heads to take "responsible decisions and overcome the challenges."

David Martin spoke with certainty about Montegro's EU accession clearly saying that "there is no doubt" the country will be the next EU member to enter the bloc. He left no doubts on that, by offering to the local leadership the greatest EU "applause" before becoming a member state: "We think that the progress you have made is excellent", were his words.../IBNA

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