Montenegrin opposition take to the streets, police brutality not forgotten

Montenegrin opposition take to the streets, police brutality not forgotten

The pro-Russian Democratic Front alliance, Montenegro’s loudest opposition voice, wish to mark the second anti-government rally anniversary and invited other opposition groups to partake in today’s demonstration.

Two years ago, opposition parties had gathered in downtown Podgorica to protest against the then Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, asking for his resignation and demanding snap polls.

Djukanovic was in the country’s centre stage since the early 1990s, serving, almost consecutively, either as President or as PM of the country from 1991 up until 2016. In 2015, opposition politicians and the people began mass protests in September 2015 that even “saw demonstrators camp outside parliament for weeks”, reads BalkanInsight.

When participants tried to march to parliament, police used violent and brutal methods to stop them. The date was October 24, 2015.

There were serious injuries of opposition figures and many MPs as well as the brutal attack, by more than thirty policemen, against the Montenegrin athlete and “boxing legend”, Mijo Martinovic.

“October 24 is a reminder that this kind of thing should never happen again. Many went unpunished, and tomorrow is a real opportunity to express protest against a regime that is not punishing bullies,” said Front official Slaven Radunovic, at a Monday presser.

“After a three-month investigation by the prosecutor’s office, Martinovic was paid 130,000 euros in compensation.”…/IBNA

(Main) Photo: Reuters/Stevo Vasiljevic

(Text) Photo: AFP/Savo Prelevic