Montenegrin opposition claims Sindjelic has fled the country

Montenegrin opposition claims Sindjelic has fled the country

Democratic Front is the main opposition alliance in Montenegro.

On Monday, it accused “the court and prosecution in Podgorica of negligence”, claiming that Sasa Sindjelic, the main witness in the high-profile Montenegro coup plot case, “had been allowed to abscond so he can avoid serving a 21-year jail sentence in Croatia”, and, reportedly, he is in Serbia at the moment.

The opposition went on to state that the local Higher Court and the Special Prosecution had let him flee the country although Zagreb has asked Podgorica to extradite him so that he would serve his sentence “for a murder committed in 2001.”

According to BIRN, the Serbian Justice Ministry refused to make any comment, when asked on Tuesday of Sindjelic’s whereabouts and “whether Croatia has requested his extradition from the Belgrade authorities.”

On Monday, the Montenegrin court has stated that Sindjelic was lawfully free to leave Montenegro if he wished…/IBNA