Montenegrin gov’t preventive measures have been successful – Defence and Security Council

Montenegrin gov’t preventive measures have been successful – Defence and Security Council

“All available capacities should be engaged in the prevention of the spreading of the coronavirus”, it was said in today’s session of the Defence and Security Council which was presided by Montenegro’s president, Milo Đukanović.

The session also considered the information on the current epidemic situation in Montenegro and measures taken to prevent the virus from spreading.

“The Council concluded that the competent authorities of Montenegro have acted in due time by taking preventive measures. The Council concluded that further measures should be taken, with the engagement of all available capacities. The Council praised the fast reaction of state authorities and stated that the citizens respected recommendations provided by competent institutions and contributed to personal and collective protection”, it was said.

The Council considered the annual reports on the participation of the members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro in training sessions, participation in international forces, peacekeeping missions and other activities abroad, as well as a report on the State of the Armed Forces of Montenegro. The Council accepted reports and stated that soldiers have improved their abilities in training sessions and that they hadn’t been in danger during their engagement in missions and other activities abroad.

The Council considered the proposal and rendered Decision on the Declaration of: 1. Infantry platoon 1. Infantry company 1. Infantry battalion, consisting of up to 30 members, for the implementation of activities comprised by NATO Response Force by the end of 2022. The declared unit of the Armed Forces of Montenegro will be engaged in NATO RF, in accordance with the decision that will be submitted in Parliament.

The Council also considered other issues within its competence and rendered decisions on the appointment of officers in the Armed Forces of Montenegro./ibna