Monopolies are suffocating Kosovo’s economy

Monopolies are suffocating Kosovo’s economy

Pristina, 6 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Business in Kosovo has difficulties in functioning if they don’t have ties with politics.

The economy has not yet been liberalized because the government is allowing many monopolies to exist, especially in the banking sector, energy, telecommunication and import.

This is the opinion of experts of economic affairs in Kosovo, who want a better functioning of the economy.

The executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce, Arian Zeka believes that the state must guarantee the liberalization of the domestic market and fight monopolies.

“The full application of the Constitution in guaranteeing market economy would enable a better competition, it would help in promoting the country for foreign investors, but also guarantee equal chances for small and medium sized businesses”, Zeka says.

Former head of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Ismajl Kastrati says that Kosovo and its citizens are losing a lot from monopolies.

“In our economy, those businesses which are supported by the government are able to function. Monopolies or oligopolies are destroying Kosovo’s economy”, he says. /