Mogherini: Kosovo is Europe

Mogherini: Kosovo is Europe

Pristina, 5 May 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

EU chief of diplomacy, Federica Mogherini held a meeting today in Pristina with Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa.

After this meeting, Mogherini said that she was very privileged that she was in Pristina to celebrate the liberalization of visas and the admission of Kosovo as part of UEFA.

“Liberalization of visas will have a positive impact in the daily life of the citizens of Kosovo. Kosovo is part of Europe and we are working for the integration of Kosovo in the EU. Your country is at the heart of the continent”, Mogherini said.

Meanwhile, EU commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos said that yesterday’s proposals of the European Commission came as a result of the efforts made by Kosovo to deliver the criteria.

“These criteria do not only relate to the issue of dialogue, but also to other important issues such as the rule of law, domestic security and the good functioning of the judiciary system. Their implementation will benefit everyone”, Avramopoulos said.

Prime Minister of the country, Isa Mustafa declared that the people of Kosovo are committed to embrace European values.

“Democracy and security are values that we must cultivate together. The people of Kosovo are committed to embrace these values. This historical decision takes Kosovo out of isolation and creates a more positive environment for the future of Kosovo”, the PM said.

The head of the government also said that Kosovo is committed in the dialogue with Serbia, as according to him, institutions of Kosovo believe that dialogue is a precious value. /