Mobility in the center-left in view of the elections

Mobility in the center-left in view of the elections

Athens, August 25, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The center-left is rallying its forces after the call of Fofi Genimmata finds response with DIMAR and the KIDISO of George Papandreou.

The president of PASOK addressed an invitation for collusion and the creation of a third pole, which will be located between the ND and SYRIZA and which will guarantee the stability of the country and the government.

The response from the DIMAR was immediate as discussions between the two parties are at an advanced stage.

Also positive was the response of George Papandreou, who in a press release notes that “the understanding and cooperation of all the forces of democratic socialism is an urgent political and national need, in view of the enormous difficulties the country and our people are faced with”.

KIDISO “welcomes today’s statements by the President of PASOK, Fofi Genimmata and proposes the immediate start of the dialogue, in order for the electoral coalition of all parties, movements and personalities of democratic socialism to become a reality in the next few days”.

The return of George Papandreou and former PASOK MPs and members who support him was decided after the realistic confession that KIDISO has no chance in the elections.

Individual members of pro-Papandreou block, such as Philipos Sahinidis and Thanos Moraitis, maintain good personal relations with Fofi Genimmata and were exerting pressure to return to PASOK. The question now is where these members stand within the party, since a list will be used in this election and as such electability is predetermined. What’s more, there are top members within the party who react to the return of George Papandreou and key members who left with him, since they accuse him for the rupture in PASOK which cost the party dearly in the recent elections.

Meanwhile, former PASOK MP Chios Costas who had joined the KIDISO returned to PASOK, while other KIDISO party members, such as Angelos Tolkas, are expected to do the same.

Information indicates that the president of PASOK will attempt to approach former ministers such as Anna Diamantopoulou and Yannis Ragkousis. In charge of the enlargement of the center-left has been place the MP Yiannis Maniatis, who maintains excellent relations with former memebrs and ministers of the party.

Venizelos: Mr. Papandreou does not belong to PASOK

“Mr. Papandreou does not belong to PASOK”, said MP and former president of the party Evangelos Venizelos.

He explained that Papandreou “formed a personal party in January 2015, which undermined our efforts”.

More specifically, in an interview on the radio station “Vima FM”, Venizelos said:

“PASOK is not one of the two protagonists of the elections, I would say. Of course (it might be). And should be. Regulator is a big word, which involves an element of power. I would say that it should act more as a guarantor and a catalyst for a solution, which is one and only. The only way the country can go forward, now that we went backwards and lost points, is with a widespread government cooperation and rallying, a government with the participation of all democratic European powers. What’s right is for the two biggest parties to participate in a coalition government, assuming these parties remain Syriza and New Democracy. We will see the election result, it may surprise us, there might be a sharing, a fragmentation of political forces, we will see. I do not know.

Mr. Papandreou does not belong to PASOK. He formed a personal party in January 2015, which undermined our efforts. There are the decisions of our conference in June. I am not the one who handles these issues. I am not concerned with this issue, I do not want to make any comment. PASOK will be judged by the character it will show, by its reliability. And it is extremely important to be careful in this regard how we shape our identity. In any case the new leadership is responsible for the handlings and choices”.