Mitsotakis to meet with Juncker in Brussels

Mitsotakis to meet with Juncker in Brussels

By Martha Lekkakou / Greek opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis is set to attend the European People’s Party summit in Brussels. On the 18th and 19th of October in Brussels, during the summit conference, the head of the main opposition party will meet with Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and the Environment Fisheries, Mr. Karmenu Vella and the President of the European People’s Party Joseph Daul, while the Greek EU Commissioner responsible for Immigration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, will hold a dinner to honour him.

It is worth noting that the European People’s Party Summit is being held right after the German elections, as well as after the Austrian parliamentary elections, where the European People’s Party managed to keep its forces intact – even though it suffered some minor losses in Germany, while socialist parties, in France for example, have suffered their greatest electoral losses, in the past thirty years.

New Communications Task Force for ND

Since politics without communications put forward only half and thus a wrongly transmitted political message, ND and especially its leader, Mitsotakis, is investing a lot on political communications. With regards to the party spokesperson position, the post has been filled by the highly experienced former TV journalist and first in terms of electoral preference ND MEP, Maria Spyraki, while at the same time, a new, political communications… Task Force, has been put together, a team to handle difficult tasks and missions.

The new communication team consists of twelve people with strong CVs, holders of postgraduate degrees and positions of responsibility in international and state organizations as well as in the business realm. The team also includes close associates of the former PM, Antonis Samaras, as well as a number of former advisers to several PASOK ministers.

The message is quite clear: a two-way expansion of its political base both towards the conservatives to the right, and to the political centre. The main criterion behind their selection is their deep knowledge and experience, as explained in a statement issued by ND party headquarters. Actually, three out of the twelve members are now participating in the Scientific Council of the Institute of Democracy “Konstantinos Karamanlis”.

The main aim of the new Task Force is to deliver the message about the positions and policy proposals of the centre-right party, to all citizens throughout the country. The main concern is the articulation of a single, simple, serious – non populist – discourse, leaving aside the errors of the recent past.

ND, just two months before holding its Party Congress, which is to serve as a landmark occasion for both the party and Mitsotakis himself, plans to have an impeccable and powerful presence in the media, so that all social and economic strata listen to this: that it represents the unique political force that can get the country out of the crisis.

“The Task Force’s members combine academic and professional experience, and they bring in their humor and commitment to public participation in order to tackle all issues on hand… I would call them people who, through their experience and – above all – through their proven work track record can offer solutions to the problems of our country. They come to satisfy society’s demand for policy renewal and to plan responses to real problems,” the New Democracy leader stated, during the introduction of the twelve eminent members of the new communications team…/IBNA