Mitsotakis: Greece is back on its feet

Mitsotakis: Greece is back on its feet

“We are talking about the new Greek regularity, we are creating a Greece with self-confidence, standing firmly on its feet”, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said while speaking in Astoria at a gathering of Greeks abroad who gave him a warm welcome.

Addressing the audience who applauded him many times and speaking from the hart, the Prime Minister said: “I want you to know that we have every reason to look to the future with optimism. The years of the crisis are over, optimistic Greece opens its wings. On July 7, the people gave us a strong mandate and a heavy responsibility to carry out this mission. It is important, after a period of division and tension, to unite the Greeks in a common narrative. I don’t want to be the prime minister of the many or the few; I want to be the prime minister of all Greeks”.

He referred to his government’s term so far: “We have made a good start, we have formed a government that combines political experience with technocracy” … He made a special reference to Deputy Foreign Minister Antonis Dematris who comes from the Diaspora and knows the problems he will be faced with.

“In the short run of the government”, the prime minister argued, “psychology has changed, the world is more optimistic, more smiling. The cost of borrowing is falling sharply, the index of financial confidence is rising”, the prime minister said, adding that “in this effort to restore the country we have the majority of citizens on our side, even people who did not vote for us. This government will do what it said before the election. We make the lives of Greek citizens safer and more secure. One of our first actions was to abolish the asylum in Greek universities”.

The Prime Minister also mentioned his trip to New York: “Greece is an important investment opportunity and I had the opportunity to express this among the investors I met. Significant investments are already being made in Greece. We are working to overcome the obstacles to investment growth to generate wealth to create new jobs so that young people will return. It’s important that the climate changes, the government cuts taxes”. He also made a special mention to the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiades, who was there.

But he also spoke about his meeting with Tayyip Erdogan: “We know that we will defend our rights. We want dialogue but we are not backing down in our rights… With President Erdogan we had the opportunity to have a frank discussion. I pointed out to him a number of issues such as Turkey’s infringement on the Cyprus’ EEZ. We will be next to our Cypriot brothers. I told him about the increase of migration flows in the Aegean”. Greece must guard its borders and it will do so, he assured.

But he also talked about the issues that concern the Greek community: “We will not disappoint you. I want to work with the competent ministers to drastically reduce bureaucracy at the consulates. You will soon see results. We will also support the teaching of Greek. The Church and the language are the two elements that maintain the relations of homogeneity with the motherland”.

Mitsotakis made a special reference to the vote of the expatriates: “We are working so that you can finally get the right to vote from the place that you live. We will institutionalize the vote by mail. Whoever is on the electoral roll can vote remotely so that he does not have to come to Greece… The constitution stipulates that voting remotely requires a law that must get 200 votes from the House. I will soon be in touch with political leaders to submit the proposal to them”. The PM explained that the electoral rolls would not change. The vote of the Greeks will be counted as a whole, noting that the government plans to increase the number of State MPs to 15 so that the Greek community would have its own MPs. “This law should have been voted on by 300 Members”, Mr Mitsotakis said, expressing hope that through discussions with other political parties, in 2023 Greeks abroas will be able to vote from the place where they live.

Mitsotakis concluded with a warning to his executives and ministers: “I will not allow the good start the government has made to lead to complacency or a reduction in the pace of government work. We have inherited problems but we have a plan for deep modernization to face the challenges of the future”./ibna